[1]姜 楠),孙仁杰),张洛铭),等.豫东农村地区成人低中度氟暴露、握力与骨密度的关系[J].郑州大学学报(医学版),2021,(01):21-26.
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Association of low-to-moderate fluoride exposure,grip strength and bone mineral density of rural adults in the East of Henan Province
姜 楠1)孙仁杰2)张洛铭3)AFRIM Francis Kojo2)段雷振4)张艳丽2)马 军3)朱静媛2)左其亭5)巴 月25)周郭育25)
1)郑州大学公共卫生学院预防医学系 郑州 450001 2)郑州大学公共卫生学院环境卫生学教研室 郑州 450001 3)开封市疾病预防控制中心地方病科 河南开封 475004 4)郑州大学附属郑州中心医院 郑州 450001 5)郑州大学黄河生态保护与区域协调发展研究院 郑州 450001
JIANG Nan1)SUN Renjie2)ZHANG Luoming3)AFRIM Francis Kojo2)DUAN Leizhen4)ZHANG Yanli2)MA Jun3)ZHU Jingyuan2)ZUO Qiting5)BA Yue25)ZHOU Guoyu25)
1)Department of Preventive Medicine, College of Public Health, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450001 2)Department of Environmental Health, College of Public Health, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 4500013)Department of Endemic Disease, Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Kaifeng, Kaifeng,Henan 4750044)Zhengzhou Central Hospital Affiliated to Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 4500015)Yellow River Institute for Ecological Protection & Regional Coordinated Development, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450001
握力 骨密度 骨质疏松 成人 豫东 农村地区
fluoride grip strength bone mineral density osteoporosis adulat the east of Henan Province rural area
目的:探讨豫东农村地区成人低中度氟暴露、握力与骨密度的关系。方法:于2017年4~5月,采用整群抽样的方法,以河南开封市某县585名成人为调查对象开展横断面调查。通过问卷调查、体格测量和样本收集获得研究对象的基本人口学资料以及生物样本。采用氟离子选择电极法测定尿氟质量浓度,利用苦味酸比色法测定尿肌酐。分别使用超声骨密度仪、Jamar握力计测量研究对象骨密度(T)及握力。采用多重线性回归和logistic回归分析氟暴露、握力与骨密度的关系。结果:尿氟与骨密度无相关关系(P>0.05)。调整潜在混杂因素(年龄、性别、匹兹堡睡眠质量指数值)后,握力每增加1.0 kg,T值增加0.02(95%CI为0.01~0.03),研究对象发生骨质异常总风险降低5%(95%CI为1%~10%),患骨质疏松的风险降低8%(95%CI为2%~13%)。握力和尿氟对骨密度的影响存在交互作用(P交互=0.099)。结论:在低中度氟暴露地区,成人握力与骨密度呈正相关,低中度氟暴露可能对高握力人群骨密度有促进作用。
Aim:To investigate the relationship between low-to-moderate fluoride exposure, grip strength and bone mineral density(BMD)among rural adults in the East of Henan Province.Methods:We conducted a cross-sectional study and recruited 585 adults from the rural areas of Kaifeng City, Henan Province from April to May 2017.Basic demographic information and biological samples of the participants were obtained through survey questionnaires and medical measurements.Urinary fluoride(UF)and urinary creatinine(UC)were measured by fluoride ion-selective electrode and picric acid method, respectively.BMD was measured by ultrasonic bone densitometer while the grip strength was measured by the Jamar grip dynamometer.Then,multiple linear regression and logistic regression were used to analyze the relationship between fluoride exposure, grip strength and BMD.Results:There was no significant relationship between UF and BMD(P>0.05).After adjustment of potential confounding factors(age, gender, PSQI score), it was found that compared with the normal group, for every 1.0 kg increase in grip strength, the T-score increased by 0.02(95%CI was 0.01-0.03), the risk of bone abnormalities was reduced by 5%(95%CI was 1%-10%), and the risk of osteoporosis was reduced by 8%(95%CI was 2%-13%).BMD can be affected by the interaction of grip strength and UF(Pinteraction=0.099).Conclusion: In low-to-moderate fluoride exposure areas, grip strength is positively correlated with BMD in adults, and low-to-moderate fluoride exposure may elevate BMD in adults with high grip strength.


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